Name: marthalanderson
From: Kasabonika Lake
Quote: I love my family everyday <3


hello everyone! ..jus changin<P my tune here

I wanna send this song to my children oldest son

I love my children very much!

Stefan Desiree Margarita Thomas Karleigh And My Grandson Desmond

My godchildren Nancy Jerrica Cora Justine And Jimothy

and also i'm thinking who lost their loved one's in wunnimun

may god bless u's

Have a goodnight everbody<P

lol,i can't do highlights..dunno how :P



hello everyone! :) it's been awhile since i came here. hmm,well my mom came home today i was happy to see her once again :) i like talking to her exp when i feel down..she's alway's there for me..i love my mom so much <3 well, i have to go now. i put another gosple song i hope u enjoy it as if ppl comes here *L* anyway have a good evening i will try too ..bye








 Dear lord,please wrap around those who are hurting today,and let them feel how much you love them 











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